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About Ima

Ima Norwegian

Ballard High School Class of I'd Rather Not Say.

Married to Lars.  Norwegian, of course.

Least favorite thing to do--trying to fit back into my bunad.

Hobbies: too busy for those.

Favorite TV show: "C.S.I.: Oslo"

Ima Norwegian is a life-time Ballard resident who lives in a modest home with her husband, Lars. Both are Ballard High School graduates ("Go Beavers") but you’ll have to really dig to figure out which year they graduated. Ima won’t willingly offer her age (after that time she accidentally posted it all over Facebook), but will admit that it rhymes with ‘nifty-something’. She only agreed to appear in this cartoon if we agreed to feature her in her traditional Norwegian bunad.  And please remember, she only needs her glasses for reading.

Ballard is a Seattle suburb, that evolved with a heavy Scandinavian influence.  It boasts the largest Sons of Norway Lodge in the United States and is home to the biggest 17th of May parade outside of Norway!  You can't forget about the National Nordic Museum and Norwegian is even still taught at Ballard High School. At the heart of Market Street is Bergen Place Park, featuring a mural that was dedicated by the King & Queen of Norway.

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